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What is The South Dakota Upland Outfitters Association?

We are a 501c6 Federally Registered Nonprofit Organization.

What else do I get?

A first rate lobbyist to represent your interests during the legislative

session. There have been many changes made in legislation that have affected our industry and the outdoors in general. We aren’t always aware of whats going on in the capital until it's over. Our lobbyist gives us weekly updates on the discussions happening during each week

of legislation.

But do we really need an organization?

The Secretary of Game, Fish and Parks is going to meet with Board Members at least biweekly throughout the legislative session with updates. We also have monthly meetings set with him throughout the rest of the year. He will have continued discussions to strengthen our relationship. By uniting, we are an entity through which state government can communicate.

What else will SD Upland Outfitters do?

Promotion. Governor Kristi Noem fully understands the importance of promoting our state. She is 100% behind our organization. People need to know that pheasant hunting has approximately a $1,000,000,000 economic impact in SD. There are over 250 operating lodges and roughly 200 registered preserves. They provide thousands of jobs in our communities and help provide economic diversity for our farmers and ranchers.

Anything else?

Yes. We want to encourage men, women and youth to give the shooting sports a try. They will love it. We plan to educate and promote good habitat practices.

Our goal is to be a powerful, united voice for the

 Shooting Sports and Hunting Industry.
We hope you will join us.

Join the SD Upland Outfitters

Send an email and we would love to send you and application to join us in protecting the future of hunting and conservation in South Dakota.

Thanks for submitting!

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